Gator Hunting Information

  • Licensing

Alligator trapping “agent” licenses are required to hunts alligators in Florida. Licenses are available for purchase at or at our local Walmart located in Labelle for $51.50, regardless of residency. This license allows one to participate in the hunt, while assisting and being in the presence of someone who has an alligator trapping license/harvest permit. Anyone wishing to hunt alligators needs to have one of these two licenses. Youth (ages 15 and younger) are exempt from having to have an alligator trapping agent license. Those possessing a Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License are exempt from the cost of an agent license but must still have one to assist in hunting alligators. 

  • Non–hunter member add ons      

If they are not going to participate in the hunt, they do not need any license or permit. However, if they are 16 years old or older and would like to help you hunt alligators, they need to have a $52 alligator trapping agent license. Youth, ages 15 and younger, do not need an agent license to assist in alligator hunting. 

Interesting Alligator Facts!

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